18.09.2015 Development of MILITARISMUS is going on!

Today we tell you about the graphic style of our game. The game will be made in semi-minimalist style. The player will have the impression that the organization he directs and supervises the implementation of operations with the help of specialized applications directly from his tablet or PC. About the exemplary design of the game elemnetov can get an idea right now - we are publishing the first sketches as gaming units will appear on the operation.

The first sketch of the game MILITARISMUS

07.04.2014 The development of the game in the genre of tactics/economic strategy has been started. The working title of the game is MILITARISMUS.

Game story will take place in the near future, player will lead the paramilitary organization, which performs a variety of tasks in different parts of the world.

With the development of the game we promise to share with you interesting details.