07.07.2020 Today you will find out what the player in MILITARISMUS will do and why this is necessary.

We promised to share with you the details of MILITARISMUS and this day has come! Currently, the game is in deep processing, because for such a long time since the announcement, the concept of the game has changed somewhat and took shape already in its final form. So what awaits the player in MILITARISMUS?

The game will take place in 2030s. By this time, countries will openly use the services of private military companies to solve their political problems. The player will have to create his own PMC and achieve its significance on the world stage. In the game will be a sandbox-campaign will be available in the game, where the player’s tasks will be randomly generated, random or pre-created battles with AI or a friend in one device as well as a map editor to create your own battles. The battles will take place step by step, in the campaign they will be called local operations. Also in the campaign mode, a global mode will be available where the player will develop his paramilitary enterprise, develop its potential, participate in local operations, as well as take part in tenders for the right to perform tasks for a particular state with good rewards. The result of each operation affects the relationship of states to the player, the position of a state in the world arena, as well as the player’s influence on the situation in the world.

Graphically, the game will still be minimalistic, but sprite units have been replaced by three-dimensional ones. The target platforms of the game remain the same - these are PCs and tablets.

In addition to MILITARISMUS, we are also working on another global project, which we will discuss separately. That's all for now, and as a pleasant surprise, we offer you to download wallpapers for the game in 4k resolution: 4096x3072 and 4096x2304. Stay with us and follow the development of the game!

19.06.2020 Programmers are working, soldiers are training...

Programmers are working, soldiers are training, engineers are assemble vehicles, your private military company is growing! Put your world order in the 2021! We are working on MILITARISMUS again. Follow the news on our website in the near future, we have something to tell you.

18.09.2015 Development of MILITARISMUS is going on!

Today we tell you about the graphic style of our game. The game will be made in semi-minimalist style. The player will have the impression that the organization he directs and supervises the implementation of operations with the help of specialized applications directly from his tablet or PC. About the exemplary design of the game elemnetov can get an idea right now - we are publishing the first sketches as gaming units will appear on the operation.

The first sketch of the game MILITARISMUS

07.04.2014 The development of the game in the genre of tactics/economic strategy has been started. The working title of the game is MILITARISMUS.

Game story will take place in the near future, player will lead the paramilitary organization, which performs a variety of tasks in different parts of the world.

With the development of the game we promise to share with you interesting details.